I'm Lori Levy

Web Developer | UI / UX Designer | Usability Expert | Cross-Browser Queen

I love my work, my life and good coffee.

Hello, My Name is Lori.

Lori Levy. Raised in the East, and I've lived in the the South and the West. My life is authentically mine in the woods in Oregon. Highly-motivated creative developer with a passion for beautiful, interactive mobile and web experiences.

I currently work for a large financial corporation, where I spend most of my time crafting and working on awesome banking web apps.

CSS is my middle name, user experience and accessibility are my fortes. I have technical skills, too. I still code in C#, PowerShell and configure Web servers but UI / UX is my focus. My passion is to participate whenever UI is being considered or reconsidered. It is my pleasure to assist, analyze, research, solve, mock-up, and advise.

Contact Details

  • Lori Levy
  • Corbett, Oregon 97019
  • 503.803.2225
  • lori@lorinet.com


I used ThisThin.com to expand my React skills.

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What I Do

I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can't do something half-way, three-quarters, nine-tenths. If I'm going to do something, I go all the way.

1. Strategy

I interpret requirements generated by clients, distill them down, communicate them on a level that others can grasp, and gain insights to continuously refine the User's interaction. I never expect to know everything going in. I know things will change as the clients figure out what they really want, which they often don't know until they see "something" that begins to bring their ideas to life.

2. Responsive Web Design

I keep up with Bootstrap, and although it isn't used in my current workplace, I like to create sites like this to hone my skills. Some people have hobbies... This is one of mine.

3. Web UI & UX Design

The funny thing about designing the user interface or the user's experience is that usually the person driving the design is not a typical end-user. In my role, I am an advocate for the 80% that uses the site or app as a "typical" user, and my job becomes convincing the Design Driver that those needs supersede theirs.

4. Web Accessibiity

If you knew there were over 7 million* people estimated to be visually impaired in the USA would you publish a site that does not allow them to use it? I currently lead a team of developers to remediate Web Accessibility issues, and make then screen-reader-friendly.
* Statistics are from 2014 according to nfb.org

5. Development

In my current role, I do a combination of architecture and prototyping, overseeing the development process. At times, I do the development myself, and other times I train a less-experienced developer, supporting and mentoring them to get the work done.

6. Consulting

Sometimes consulting is just getting the client to see that there may be another option available; other times it means offering them options (by creating mockups or wireframes) to solve a problem using a different technology or User Interface Design. Consulting is a balancing act between innovation and process.

My Strengths

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.


My Resume

If you call failures experiments, you can put them in your resume and claim them as achievements.

My Education
1995 - 2010


Management Certificate Program – University of the Pacific • School of Business and Public Administration

UOP is located in Stockton, California. Here I learned not to give in to the tendency to solidify the way I perceive things. [ view certificate]


Software Engineering Coursework – University of California • Davis, CA

After years of programming in Borland's dBase III, I decided to expand my horizons. At UCD, I studied Unix, Software Engineering and Visual Basic.

2000 - 2010

Microsoft Certifications

I have several Microsoft Legacy Certifications, including MCPD, MCTS, MCAD, MCSD and MCP. You can view my transcript if you so desire.

Work Experience
2011 - Now

2011 - Now

Senior Software Engineer • UI/UX Lead • Accessibility Services Team Lead – Fiserv


  • Review desktop and mobile banking applications for look and feel and UX
  • Specialist in resolving iOS 15+ mobile UI issues introduced by the operating system
  • Serve as the primary technical expert on Front-end development and coding standards
  • Analyze, design, develop, document and test user interfaces and system components of a medium to complex nature
  • Provide Accurate LOE (Level of Effort) estimates for development work
  • Work on multiple projects concurrently according to business needs and requirements
  • Ensure changes are implemented according to specifications
  • Review problems, understand the major impacts to technical and business-related areas, and provide basic recommendations and solutions that can be implemented to correct a problem
  • Serve as a project leader and provide technical guidance on defects and UI assignments
  • Ensure appropriate company and departmental Change Control and operational procedures are followed for all production-related updates and assigned changes
  • Stay up-to-date with latest trends and technologies in the context of User Interface and User Experience design
  • Mentor and support members in the UI team who are still developing their skills and promote adoption of coding guidelines and best practices
  • Help to quickly turn customer feedback, interviews from internal stakeholders, and subject matter experts into user and use case based workflow, stories and navigation
  • Contribute to the user experience strategy, UI requirements, workflow, and project scoping
  • Work with a cross-functional team across multiple geographies, including our US and Costa Rica development centers across multiple time zones and cultural environments
  • Validate user interfaces against accessibility design requirements
  • Train Development team and QA on WCAG 2.0 and use of NVDA (Screen Reader application)

2010 - 2011

Sr. Web Developer – Bonneville Power Administration (Contract)


  • Create professional front end graphic user layouts that are consistent, intuitive, easy to use and meet Section 508 requirements
  • Develop high level and detailed design specifications derived from architecture and functional specifications
  • Redesign, architect and develop replacement for VB6 Revenue Forecasting application including front end, business logic layers, and data access layers using C#, .NET 4.0, and SQL

2006 - 2010

Senior Software Engineer • Application Owner – Freightliner aka Daimler Trucks North America LLC (Contract)

Maintained, updated and supported Vehicle Electronic Programming client-Server application as well as its Reporting Web site

2005 - 2006

Senior Web Developer and UI Specialist - Portland General Electric (Contract)


  • Coded Web UI for public-facing Web pages and intranet using Classic ASP, ASP.NET, C# and SQL
  • Created consolidated billing customer statement template in Metavante Designer (self-trained), with integrated corporate standards and style guidelines
  • Developed and coded Web-based Crystal Reports
  • Updated XML style sheet files for XML data rendering in Web pages


Web Development and UI

Back when the World Wide Web first became the Internet, I went back to school for software engineering, and then started contracting for Intel. From 1997 and until 2003, I worked as a contractor for Intel’s IT Flex Group on and off, doing UI and User Experience Design work for the Sales and Marketing Department. I became a leader in UI for the Flex Services Group and mentored the entire team in UI, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and DHTML. Details of my earlier work experience can be viewed in my LinkedIn profile.


Testimonials are enough to convince people for now.

Testimonials About me and My Work

All my endorsements are part of my LinkedIn Profile.

Skills & Expertise

A winner is someone who recognizes her God-given talents, works her tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish her goals.




Angular 4.0 & React/Redux




Mobile UX


jQuery & JavaScript


User Experience Design


Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.

Web Development


Web Accessibility


User Experience Design


Technical Writing


UI Developer Training


Responsive Web Design


Milestones Achieved

My path has not been determined. I shall have more experiences and pass many more milestones.


Cups of Coffee


Hours Worked


Web Pages Coded


Happy Clients

Work Process

As a human being, I'm a work in process.

1. Idea
2. Sketch
3. Design
4. Develop
5. Test
6. Launch

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